Meet the people working for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)

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In the fourth episode of our new video series, learn why our colleagues Sreya Rao, Naomi Barrett, Reagan Rodriguez, Charlotte Wise, and R. Einith Geno Chrysolite are so passionate about DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and how their life experiences have shaped their work.

Transcript and audio description

The video starts with shots of a morning sun shining through dark clouds in a city. There are also shots of people walking across the frame in cities and an office, interspersed with talking head shots of the interviewees.

Sreya Rao: It's really important that we have representation there to show people that you can, you know, have a different background and there’s still a place for you to succeed here.

Naomi Barrett: When people feel like they belong there and they're included, their opinions are taken into account. That's when they deliver good work, and that's when the organization feels like you want to stay there.

Reagan Rodriguez: Your identity should be something that you should feel comfortable in or that people should, at the very least, respect.

Naomi: Taylor & Francis is taking many approaches to DE&I, inclusive of those awareness activities and learning activities, but also looking at our talent attraction and recruitment.

Shot of Taylor & Francis CEO in a meeting with colleagues.

Sreya: We might work with academics, or institutions, or public bodies.

Reagan: Really, what we do is we try to run a lot of education initiatives, as it relates to race ethnicity within Taylor & Francis, so that can look like anything along the lines of training, panels, discussions.

Supporting shots of a training session and an online panel session.

Charlotte Wise: Not having a university or college background isn't a barrier to joining us, and we really do welcome those from all different walks of life.

R. Einith Geno Chrysolite: The focus of gender network, under the DE&I banner is to reduce biases at workplaces, reduce gender disparity, and to increase women’s representation at higher roles.

Shot of a small meeting with a woman leader.

Sreya: There’s the Informa Nations group, which looks at matters of race equality and ambassadorship. There's the Women in Publishing committee within Taylor & Francis, and I'm also involved in the socioeconomic diversity group within Taylor & Francis.

Reagan: I come from a Latinx background, immigrant background, so I think this is just implicitly part of my trying to find and navigate identity.

Naomi: I always did volunteer work in my roles on different kind of diversity councils and networks, and my experience is that most people do want to be inclusive. They don't know they're not being inclusive. So, just having that awareness has been really helpful.

Sreya: In my two years here, I've seen people with lots of different family situations, or accessibility issues, or even aspirations in terms of their career, find pathways.

Shots of colleagues shaking hands are interspersed with audio.

Charlotte: It's really fantastic to know that I can play a small part in someone's career journey, whether that be someone who's right at the start of their career, or indeed someone that has joined us in the mid stages of their career and they're looking to change their career, or indeed get back into the workforce.

Shots of groups of women and an individual woman are interspersed with audio.

Einith: Empowering women gives such satisfaction, that in any career move I seem to be drawn to this team, and that's primarily why I'm so associated to every company's DE&I team that I move into.

Shots of people from a diverse range of races and ethnicities are interspersed with audio.

Sreya: There is tons and tons of research, which talks about how positive and how beneficial DEI is to a company’s products they produce, to the reach they have within the market, to the expertise that they bring in, the ideas that they generate.

Naomi: Just making it a place where people can feel like they come to work and they have passion about what they do is important. Being able to say that I'm going to have an impact on that is really just mind-blowing.

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